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Gif images are very useful to highlight or grab attention of a user. We have already seen 5 tools to create animated Gifs online with ease. Gif images are also used in front-end of certain process. For example, while uploading an image you see a animated image indicating the upload is still in process.

Check out loader gif images above, you can create such images with great ease using free online service Loadinfo’s ‘Loader Generator’. To create loader gif image of your choice, first you need to click on Gif image shape and style of your choice.

In the popup window select the fore-ground and back-ground color for the gif image. Also select the size of final loader gif among: 16X16, 24X24, 48X48. Click on download button and use the created gif anywhere for free. You have following style/shape options:

Loader Generator: Create your own Loader Gif Image

Very good tool for blogger and webdesigners to quickly create customized loder gif images. via 



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