Create Zip files online easily with OnlineZip


While we can Unzip Files Online with ease by using web service like Wobzip, how about doing reverse process online? That is, creating zip files online. ‘OnlineZip’ is a web based based application to create zip files.

Using this free web service you can create a zip file containing maximum of 5 files. Created zip file can be further downloaded or forwarded to any email address.

Interface of this web service is very simple. Click on browse button to select maximum of 5 files. Enter the email address if you want to send resultant zip file to an email address. Then click on ‘Add to zip’ and its all done. Basic features are:

  • Add 1 to 5 files to zip online in one go.
  • Send zip file to email or download it.
  • Max size per file is restricted to 650kb.

ZipOnline: Click here to create zip files online



  1. Genuineapps says

    Really helpful to me

  2. Good online Zip utility to create, uncompress, convert archive files:
    Formats supported: zip, 7z, tar, tgz, nth, thm, rar, jar, arj, z, bz, gz, tbz2, nsis, cab, iso etc.

  3. Thanks!!! Very much looked for

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