DotWhat: Knowing File extensions made easy


With so many applications and software making debut on daily basis, repository of File extension is getting bigger and bigger. It is very difficult to know file type by just looking at file extension. Here are few cool example:

  • .SKP – It is a file extension of Google SketchUp Model
  • .GRD – It is a file extension of Photoshop Gradient File
  • .NTH – It is a file extension of Nokia Theme studio File

Sounds familiar? No… could be the answer. You get information about any file extension (almost) with ‘Dot What’. It has huge database of file extension information, mainly (but not exclusive to) the Microsoft Windows (Including Windows Vista!), Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

You can browse various file extension in alphabetic order or use search feature on the website. Besides getting information, you can also contribute to the database. You can easily add comment, question or tip with any additional information regarding particular file extension.

Head over to dotwhat to know about file extensions in existence. Just got to know, .IPD is an extension of Blackberry Phone Backup File !



  1. Dotwhat file extension database is now at by the way

  2. Large file extension list is on http://www.file-extensions.orgtoo.

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