Download PC Mag’s 100 Favorite Blog List


PC Mag has just released List of top 100 Favorite Blogs. However, these blogs are not the Top Blogs or Best Blogs. The list merely represent subjective evaluation of blogs.

The process began by rounding up PC Magazine staff’s favorite blogs. As PC Mag explains, it was more difficult to trim the list to 100 than finding huge number of possible contenders for the list.

Technology and Gossip blogs hogged the limelight in this list. Now, PC Mag is offering you to download Windows Based installer to get links of those 100 blogs right in your explorer. Yes, just download and install the file and you get links to top 100 blogs in explorer.

However, this will only work in Microsoft Windows not on Mac or Linux. As Amit Agarwal pointed out: “PC Magazine could have released the blog list as an OPML that subscriber could import to their favorite news readers in a click”.

PC Mag: 100 Favorite Blog ListDownload the List

No cheer for feed reader or Mac/Linux users, but you can manually browse the list of 100 Favorite Blogs and check what’s hot in blogging world!

For that quick view, here is top 10 blogs from that list: AdFreakApartment TherapyArs TechnicaAurgasmAutoblogBargainistBoing BoingBornrich.orgBrooklyn VeganBuzzMachine [Complete list is here]



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