Enable IMAP access on Zoho Mail account


Do you want to access Zoho Mail account using Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Apple Mail or Entourage clients? This is possible by enabling IMAP access on your Zoho Mail account. Previously, IMAP access was only available on accounts which requested for the same. Now IMAP access is available on all Zoho Mail account and you can easily enable it for easier access to contents of your Zoho Mail account.

Enable Zoho Mail IMAP access

1. Login into Zoho Mail account.

2. Goto Settings > Personalize

3. Then goto Email Forwarding & POP/IMAP > Enable IMAP access and click on Save button.

IMAP settings and values

Incoming Mail Server Name imap.zoho.com
Outgoing Mail Server Name smtp.zoho.com

Incoming Port No. 993
Outgoing Port No. 465

Secure Connection (SSL) Yes
Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication Yes

IMAP account User Name Zoho Username (username displayed next to Logout)
SMTP account User Name Zoho Username (username displayed next to Logout)

Email Address Zoho email address (username@zoho.com/@hosteddomain.com)
Password your Zoho account password


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