Express with Photos by creating an instant Photo Blog


Blogging is all about expressing yourself. In case you do not like typing or expressing by writing, then photos can help you do the same. Photo-Blogging is all about expressing yourself in images. A picture can cover up tons of words in one look.

You can setup a photo-blog using popular blogging paltforms like Blogger and WordPress. However, these platforms are more customized for text based blogging with restricted storage capacity of 1GB and 3GB for Blogger and blogs respectively.

PhotoBlog is a service specifically for blogging with photos by creating a Photo Blog. You can post your images in blog posts and start with your photo-blogging journey. PhotoBlog is a free service with no restriction on amount of pics you upload. You get your own sub-domain like: to access your PhotoBlog.

It also has usual features of a blog like: categories, tags, date, archives etc. RSS Feed option for your photoblog is also available. You can subscribe RSS feed for instant updates. The interface of service is very clean and easy to use.

PhotoBlog service is available in number of languages. In case you do not want to create a Photo-Blog, this website is worth browsing existing Photo-Blogs. You can check out some interesting and diverse photos.

PhotoBlog: WebsiteSetup PhotoBlog Browse PhotoBlogs 

This is good option for Photo-addicts. However, for general blogging with mix of text and photos – Blogger and WordPress still look better options. Not to forget host of other online service that offer free photo storage.



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