Show Random Post on each page with BStir


If you run a blog on thing that cause concern is how to show old posts. One traditional way is to use Archive method, but most of us don’t use that because of lack of ease factor.

With BStir from stuffablog one can show random posts on each page. You just have to insert a javascript that point to blog name or feed to make this possible. Outcome is very neat and you can select keyword for specific JavaScript code for this service.

Only downside is: customization options are limited in terms of background color and border.Never the less service is great for blogs with lot of posts. Here is how your post link will look with Bstir.

So start serving old posts in a refreshing manner with BStir. Dont forget to check other service of Stuffablog – BMash



  1. Hi there, thank you for this great tools. I will use it in my blog.

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