FireFox Addicts Track & Control time spent online


This is specifically for FireFox addicts users (sorry IE users!). On internet one can find loads of stuff to interact and distract from the work you are expected to perform.

This can lead to long & un-controlled online sessions. Firefox users can track and control their online activities to become more productive. So, how to track time spent while browsing internet in FireFox? Grab ‘TimeTracker’ FireFox add-on, simple!

With TimeTracker you can keep track of how much you browse. Tracker pauses automatically when you stop browsing. You can also list ‘work’ sites that should not be counted. A small pop up shows total time today, since last reset and since installing. [Download Time Tracker]

While TimeTracker can help you track amount of time spent online, what about controlling your online activities to be more productive? While online, one tends to access websites that can cause distraction from usual online work.

A free toolbar 8aweek is a solution. After installing the toolbar, you will immediately be able to view graphs of your browsing habits. If you notice you spend way too long on some site, add it to your restricted list to let 8aweek limit your time spent on those sites.

Your browsing data is logged and you can view all the historical data online. You can easily opt out of data logging and still use this toolbar. So, track and control your time spent online with above alternative to make use of your time – in best possible manner. [Download 8aweek]

Another alternative to achieve the same is spirited self control, now this is too much for asking, isn’t it? Blast from past – Since when did you restart Windows on your PC?


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