Fix Mp4 file with bad file Error 2002 in Quicktime


“… Error – 2002: a bad public movie atom”, are you getting this error while trying to import mp4 file in Quicktime? Also, nothing seems to happen when you try to import same file in iTunes. Error suggests a problem with mp4 file which can be easily fixed using free AoA Mp4 Patch program.


Fix Mp4 file bad file error

1. Download AoA Mp4 Patch file program.
2. Double click & install the patch program.
3. Click “Open” and select mp4 file on the computer.
4. Then click “Go” button to fix the selected mp4 file.

AoA Mp4 Patch is a handy free utility program to fix mp4 files that has problem importing in iTunes and Quicktime.



  1. Rubbish, what a terrible program, is does not work at all!

  2. DIDNT work…..

  3. i did this but it says that it has created the new file but has not
    im using windows vista

  4. Did not work for me either, Win XP.

  5. Roger Kablam says

    I downloaded this, but it didnt work with mine mp4 (error 2002), and my windows is XP, not vista.

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