Re-download already purchased iPad & iPhone apps in iTunes

If you factory reset iPad or iPhone, all apps downloaded by you over a period of time are deleted. Fortunately, there is not need to re-purchase apps that you have bought before. You can simple re-download those previously purchased apps in iTunes for free. You do not need to pay for apps

View ipad, iphone Apps purchase history details in iTunes

Apple iOS device users including iPad and iPhone can purchase different applications and games on their Apple devices. Every purchase require you to enter Apple ID login details for successful order and download of apps. Over a period of time you may have purchased number of Apps for your

iTunes automatic downloads feature on MAC, Windows

With iOS 5 and iCloud service - automatic downloading of content to different Apple devices functionality should be live very soon. We have already seen easy procedure to enable icloud automatic downloads in iPad and iPhone iOS devices. You can also activate this feature in iTunes

Change location of iTunes media files folder

iTunes application program is all about managing and accessing media files. You browse, organize and playback audio and videos files easily using iTunes program. With media files taking lot of hard drive space, you may want to relocate them to a different drive or partition folder location

Minimize & show iTunes icon in System Tray

iTunes is a must have application software when using Apple products. It allows easy access and management of audio, video and lots more. By default, iTunes window will reside on Windows taskbar and even minimized iTunes tab will show on the taskbar. If you use iTunes application

Disable auto renew of Apps subscription in iTunes

Some apps in the App Store has auto renewing subscription and they auto renew automatically after specific subscription period like 7 days, one year and so on. You can check for this in Manage App Subscriptions section on the Account Information Screen. Turn Off auto renew of Apps

Play Flac audio files in iTunes on Mac OSX

iTunes is one stop media center for MAC OSX users. Like other media files, do you want to playback FLAC audio files within iTunes application? This can be easily done and you can listen to FLAC files within iTunes interface. For starters, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec where

Setup & use free Find my iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Is your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - lost or gone missing? You could easily track missing Apple device using paid Mobile Me service. Now this service is free for users using latest iOS 4.2 (and above) software update on their Apple devices. You can easily setup free 'Find

How to setup & use Ping in iTunes 10

iTunes 10 software update brings lot of new features including new Ping' service. It is a social networking service to interact with people and artists with similar liking for music. After you have setup ping account you can follow other people, celebrities, artists to discover new music,

How to gift apps to other users on iTunes

Just like gifting music, now you can also send apps as gift to other users on iTunes. You can only gift apps to other users of the same country (for example US app store to US app store). Also, you need to use credit card on the account for app gifting. Use of gift cards and other types of

iTunes duplicate file remover & manger [Windows]

iTunes library getting too big and cluttered? Well, its time to tidy up iTunes file listing by removing orphaned and duplicate files using iTunes Duplicate song manager. It is a free java based program to add tracks, remove duplicate and orphaned files. Use iTunes Duplicate song

Sync iTunes & Windows Media Player music with BlackBerry phone

We have already seen BlackBerry desktop software to sync and transfer files between computer and BlackBerry smart phone. Here is official BlackBerry Media Sync for easy management of music files. It allows you to sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music files with your