Fix Mp4 file with bad file Error 2002 in Quicktime

"... Error - 2002: a bad public movie atom", are you getting this error while trying to import mp4 file in Quicktime? Also, nothing seems to happen when you try to import same file in iTunes. Error suggests a problem with mp4 file which can be easily fixed using free AoA Mp4 Patch

Download new iTunes 9 for Windows & Mac

Apple has released new version of iTunes application. You can download iTunes 9 for your Windows or Mac computer. Installation package also includes QuickTime 7.6.4 player. As expected, new version come with loads of new features and enhancements for managing favorite movies, TV shows.

Add new songs, delete/repair dead tracks, create playlists in iTunes [Toolkit]

iTunes is a cool software to manage music on the computer. However, it lacks some basic and much needed features for easy management of music. iTunes Toolkit application fills that gap and make iTunes more powerful by adding to cool features to iTunes. You can easily add downloaded audio

How to download & view lyrics for songs played in iTunes?

iTunes is a cool application to listen to favorite songs. You can easily enhance music listening experience by viewing lyrics of currently playing track in iTunes. This is possible using "ilyrics" iTunes Lyrics Importer addon for iTunes. It allows you to download and view lyrics for songs

Download iTunes 8.1 – Faster & smatter

Apple has released new version of iTunes (version 8.1). This version promises to be faster, smatter and better. You should see considerable speed improvement while using newer version of iTunes. It reponds faster while trying to load large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store and syncing

Sync Itunes with your favorite Mp3 Player

You have itunes but no ipod and want to able to sync itunes with your favorite MP3 player. Well, this can be done with a click of a button. iTunes Sync is a free application that can synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player (almost!). You can use either a standard