Sync Itunes with your favorite Mp3 Player


You have itunes but no ipod and want to able to sync itunes with your favorite MP3 player. Well, this can be done with a click of a button.

iTunes Sync is a free application that can synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player (almost!).

You can use either a standard playlist or a dynamically updating smart playlist to synchronize your MP3 Player. Here is the simple three step procedure:

  1. Setup a playlist in iTunes that you want to sync to your MP3 player.
  2. Configure your MP3 player in iTunes Sync by giving it a name and selecting a playlist for iTunes.
  3. Now just click Synchronize and let the sync process complete.

iTunes Sync supports number of MP3 players like those from Cowon, Creative Labs, Dell, iRiver, JVC, Samsung and Sandisk. Download iTunes Sync to configure as many different MP3 players as you need and synchronize each one with the different iTunes’ playlists.



  1. those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod :-‘

  2. i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions~”~

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