Get National Anthem of any Nation on your Fingertips


Most of us are aware of National Anthem of our respective country, how about knowing National Anthems of other Nations?

AllNationalAnthem is one cool website to learn and get familiar with National Anthems of different countries around the world.

Top part of the website has Yahoo Maps showing the world view. Drap, zoom to select the country of your choice and click through for more. Besides hearing the actual National Anthem, you can also view brief information about its origin.

You can also checkout more Information about the selected country as shown by country map and introductory overview. One good place to checkout just National Anthems without the extra clutter.

While the website delivers, you may not be impressed by its amateurish design. Nevertheless, a good way to prep up your knowledge about other nations – Olympics is around the corner. Checkout AllNationalAnthems


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