Google Doctype: Encyclopedia for & by web developers


“…Google has built its business here, on the open web, and we want to help you build here too.”

Elements of open source and standards like HTML, JavaScript, CSS are very important. Using them Google has built huge online business empire and now you can use them more effectively to build online identitiy.

Google is now in process of building an online resouce to help, link and share information among web developers. Google Doctype aims to be an encyclopedia for web developers, by web developers.

Google Doctype contains dozens of articles written by top Googlers on topics important to all web developers: security, performance, caching, DOM manipulation, CSS styling, and more.

You can read HOW-TO articles on web security, CSS styles, DOM Manipulation, tips and tricks. As pointed by Google Code blog, all the information and contribution are under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Besides writing new articles anyone can edit and append existing articles on Google Doctype. Looks interesting for being one stop to get information regarding various elements of open source standards, what say?


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