Google Knows Techno Life in 2 Minutes, that’s cool !


Just published an article ‘MySpace Try to Find Space in India with…’ and lovely Google indexed it in just 2 minutes – now that’s cool. It seems Google is working overtime to index your content as quickly as possible.

No wonder, Google is planning to track stuff in forms and more. There were days when Google bot will take days to index content on a website. Now, it seems Google bot lives permanently on my blog to latch up content in no time.

Source of this inspirational experiment is maheshexp of MyMindLeaks, who also did similar check around. Google got to know his site in 9 minutes, not bad at all. In case you are struggling to let Google know about updates on your blog or website, then here is 2 step solution:

So, 2 mins for Techno Life and 9 mins for MyMindLeaks – How much time does Google take to know your site or blog? Find out and share with us… your weekend activity!

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  1. @Maheshxp Yup, it will improve as your blog gets older.

    @Kanak Feedburner could be result of this, maybe Google has become more active itself. Anyway, it is good for all!

  2. well , it all happened after acquisition of feedburner ;) .. might be google has find a way to link google search with feedburner

  3. hey dude..that’s great to see Google knows your blog in 2 minutes. I’m just happy that a blog of 2 months old is known by google in 9 minutes. And hope it improves!!!

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