Grab attention before actual launch of WordPress blog with LaunchPad


In case you are planning to launch a WordPress blog in coming weeks/months – then Launchpad is worth checking out. It is a WordPress theme that introduces your upcoming blog to visitors with option of subscribing to upcoming blog feed and updates.

Instead of keeping ad laden hosting company’s landing page, using this WordPress theme is a better idea. It looks very simple with professional design and typesetting. Integration with FeedBurner allows you to gather feed reader before the actual blog launch.

Launchpad WordPress theme is free and you can mess around with ease. You can also add a countdown timer towards the launch of your WordPress blog.

Launchpad WordPress theme: DemoDownload

Amit Bhawani is using this WordPress theme for an upcoming WordPress blog VII This for sure is more refined and productive way to launch a WordPress Blog, what say?



  1. Davinder says

    @Amit Yeah,look does matter!

  2. Thanks for blogging about this, you will be surprised to know that already 16 subscribers joined the upcoming blog @ and its all because of the professional launch look. May be our visitors look for more classy things rather than content at times.

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