Have some Fun searching the web with Ms. Dewey


Ms. Dewey, a very different name for a web search website. Its not only the name, the whole concept is really different and refreshing. Entire website has flash based interface with a lady named Ms. Dewey helping/entertaining you in the process of searching the web.

Ms. Dewey is really interactive and responds well to number of situations. I searched for term ‘hollywood’ three times and Ms. Dewey said… ‘for god sake search something interesting’. Hmmm… not bad at all. She even gets iffy while you search and a man comes upto her with a drink.

This all happens while you search with this interactive lady Ms. Dewey. She always have something interesting to say with regard to keyword being searched. When you type a search term, it reads “Ms Dewey is thinking….” After that you get search result like this:

There is also ‘best of Dewey’ button to have more fun. Ms Dewey searches with the help of Microsoft’s ‘Live Search’. Good way to have fun while you dig out some information on the web.

Ms. Dewey: Click here to have some fun with Ms. Dewey

Do turn ON your speakers to listen to witty comments of Ms Dewey. She will surely keep you in loop. As pointed by CompuWorld, there is no link to contact this lady ;)


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