How to Change Display Language in Windows Vista?


Did you buy a Vista laptop (or computer) from abroad and want it to talk to you in your mother language? Officially, language switchover is possible in Vista Ultimate and Enterprise. What about other versions of Windows Vista?

Well, Vistalizator is a handy application that allows you to change display language in Vista editions (other than officially supported Ultimate) – Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business.

It uses official Microsoft language packs. You can install all 35 languages and switch between them easily . It works in 32-bit and 64-bit Vista and is compatible with Vista Service Pack 1

As per documentation, it is User Account Control (UAC) compliant. No file is overwritten or changed during language installation (except for language upgrade after Vista SP1 installation).

To use, download Vistalizator and language packs for your Windows Vista. Unzip Vistalizator (no need to install), open downloaded language pack and go for install. Restart Vista and its all done.

Vistalizator is very useful to change language in Windows Vista’s non-supported version including: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business. For officially supported versions of Vista Ultimate and Vista Enterprise check this how-to Microsoft article to install display language.



  1. hi, have problem in pc language how can i change the language even I am here in other country and the PC is in germany is it possible?

  2. i cant see any additional display language in my vista pc so i try to install it but it shows error
    i wants to change my language espanol to english.i cant understand espanol so i even feel dificulty to work with and read some problem(errors)

  3. is this a legal software?

  4. Hi, i used this vistalator and i have service pack 1 i downloaded the correct language and saved it to my desktop now when i express install it, it say an error cant find a thing and another error saying that windows have maximum languages and cannot install anymore. please please!! e-mail me at

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