How to Change or Remove Orkut Profile Photo?


“… I opened an orkut account and at that time my photo was not added. I would like to add my photo to my profile and i am not finding any option for that. can some one help me?” kalyan raman asked this by commenting on Orkut Drag & Drop post.

Guess what? Kalyan is not alone, I had same question few years back when I first created my Orkut account. Changing profile image can be little tricky and confusing. Above image should explain 2 click procedure to change or remove Orkut Profile image:

  • Click on ‘edit’ button next to ‘profile’ option on left menu.
  • Then click on ‘change or remove’ photo button as shown in image.

After reading above, changing or removing Orkut Profile photo can be real easy. Mind you, this task can be really tricky for new Orkut users.

Orkut can think of adding ‘change profile photo’ option under ‘edit profile’ tab. This will make task of changing profile image little easy, make sense?



  1. I Want 2 create a Photo in my profile in About me tag how 2 do it pls tell me

  2. i want to direct url of change my photo page .because i want to change photo via opera mini 5.1beta 2.clicking the “change photo” option after a page will appear then see the browser address bar and copy the url and post here.pls help me

  3. i am not be able to change my photo on orkut,while doing the same i m only getting the option “crop photo” no other options are given…..plz help me regarding on the same………….

  4. change a photo

  5. tejasweta says

    whatthe hell …..i wanna change mahbpic but on my mobile there is no edit option

  6. pls help me i not cnage my image in orkut profile
    pls hel me

  7. i want change my pic halp me

  8. pls reply

  9. im not understanding anything on the new website
    how i can edit my pics ?
    how i can put new pics

  10. Thanks…i was searching for this option for a long time and finally got it from this site..thanks a lot folks.

    Rajesh P

  11. hi friends i m bunty.its a very very intresting .pls try it.

  12. raghavendra says

    how can i insert photo to my profile in my photos

  13. raghavendra says

    hello friends i am new user to gmail & orkut will u please tell me that how can i insert photo to my profile please send me mail rsraghavendra13

  14. Bimal Naga says

    How can i change my photo in my orkut profile

  15. how can i change my picture from my orkut profile

  16. when i opened my orkut account,a small cross appears in the prefix of my i am not able to change my please help me.

    • i am not being able to put any photo in my orkut profile,while doing that im not getting an option of “use original”,there is only”crop photo”option which is not working….please help me to sort this problem….

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