Drag, Drop & Play to Customize your Orkut Profile


Managing things on Orkut profile just got easier with new ‘drag and drop’ feature. Now you are arrange various elements like my recent photos, my testimonials etc with drag and drop.

‘Drag and drop’ feature has been on Facebook for a while and now comes to Orkut. Copying or inspiration? who cares as this makes managing Orkut profile real easy. Here is simple procedure to get set with ‘drag & drop’ feature:

  • Log in to your Orkut Account.
  • Click on ‘profile button’ located on the left menu.
  • Place your mouse at the top of a showcase like my photos & drag.
  • Drag and drop elements as per your choice and its all done.

Did you miss the save button? Well, no save button is required. After your drag and drop fun is over, it gets saved automatically. As pointed by Orkut blog now you can put as many or as few applications on your profile as you want.

Until now, you were able to display up to three applications on your profile and some of you wanted to show more. Now, when you add an application, you can choose whether or not you want it on your profile. Just select or unselect the “Add to my profile” box above the big “Add Application” button.

Orkut seems to be getting better and better with lots of things happening including new jazzy theme support, ability to add tags to photos and much more. Happy Orkutting!




  2. kalyan raman says

    I opened an orkut account and at that time my photo was not added. I would like to add my photo to my profile and i am not finding any option for that. can some one help me?

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