20% of American Orkuters are from California !


Orkut is one stop destination for number of people in Indian and Brazil. Even US users aren’t far behind given the other hugely popular alternatives like Facebook and MySpace.

Trend analysis was done about  the distribution of orkut users among the different states in the US.

Home of US Googlers California got numero-uno spot representing 20% US Orkuters. Here is top five states of Orkuters:

  • California – 20%
  • New York – 11%
  • Florida – 8%
  • Texas – 7%
  • Massachusetts

This trend analysis was posted by Ellen on Orkut Blog. Rounding out the top ten were New Jersey (6%), Illinois (4%), Georgia (2.5%), Pennsylvania (2.5%) and Virginia (2.4%).

Other states making up more than 1% of our US user base were Washington (2.3%), Michigan (2%), Ohio (2%), Connecticut (1.9%), Maryland (1.7%), North Carolina (1.6%), Arizona (1.4%), Minnesota (1.1%), and Colorado (1%).

Is your State featured in top10 US Orkuters list? NO! may be next time your state get into that list. Happy Orkutting!


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