How to find new Like minded friends on Twitter?


This is for all Twitterholics who want more buzz and activity in their twitter stream. One easy way to be more active on Twitter is by adding more friends.

But, how do you go about searching for new friends on Twitter? Twits Like Me offer one cool way to find new friends on Twitter.

It scans your tweets and dish out other Twitter talking about similar friends. In the end you get list of twitters who share your interests (probably!)

Just enter your Twitter username and hit ‘Who is like me’ button and you get the list to chose your probable Twitter friends. Yeah, there is option to exclude Twitterers already on my friends list to cut the clutter and avoid confusion.

Checkout Twits Like Me and search for new friends on Twitter with similar interests. In the end, get new friends and loads of activity in your Twitter stream, what say? [Photo Credit fringuellina]


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