How to reduce noise during CD / DVD drive playback?


We all use CD drives, well now-a-days its DVD drives all the way. Be it CD drive or DVD drive, both have tendency to produce irritating noise while in use.

You can reduce this noise and still use the drive the way you want with Nero CD-DVD Speed. It is a free utility for your computer with Windows.

It is based on the concept of reducing read/write speed of the drive while in use. For example, if you are listening to the music, drive need not run at 48X speed. Using this utility you can reduce the drive speed and listen to songs from your favorite CD/DVD with no NOISE.

It is a small utility [733 KB] that is very easy to use. After the download and install, the drivespeed utility will prompt whenever you insert any CD or DVD in the drive.

You can select the ‘read speed’ among available options from a drop down menu. Then click on silent button to activate selected read speed settings.

NeroDriveSpeed – Click here for more info and Download 

Alternatively you can also revert back to higher read speed, which is required in case you are copying data from the CD. Higher speed with facilitate quicker copy process. Control your drive speed and noise it nakes with this utility. [ via OneTipAday ]



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