Internet will Fill to capacity by 2010, really ?


Internet is getting crowded with newer websites, more videos, more files, more photos and lots more being added and transmitted every single second.

As per U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T – without investment, the Internet’s current network architecture will reach the limits of its capacity by 2010.

Now this should be a concern since year 2010 isn’t far. Here are interesting quotes of Jim Cicconi, VP legislative affairs AT&T speaking at Westminster eForum on Web 2.0 “…In three years’ time, 20 typical households will generate more traffic than the entire Internet today”

“…Eight hours of video is loaded onto YouTube every minute. Everything will become HD very soon, and HD is 7 to 10 times more bandwidth-hungry than typical video today. Video will be 80 percent of all traffic by 2010, up from 30 percent today.”

Is this really true? Well, it can be true. But, there is another twist in this tale. AT&T could be saying so to prevent getting dabbled under the concept of ‘Net neutrality’ -which is an ongoing campaign calling for governments to legislate to prevent Internet service providers from charging content providers for prioritization of their traffic.

We all are downloading more, streaming more, surfing more – is this causing all the drain AT&T is worried about? Aren’t investments being made to check this? Well, 2010 isn’t far – wait and watch, while I download some stuff :)


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