Make Ugly URL look decent and meaningful


There are so many services that offer URL snipping and shortening of long, ugly urls. However, the end result of short URL is some random number and alphabets hard to remember and as such does not relate to the content on the actual URL.

Decent URL service address to such issues, it makes ugly url into a decent looking URL. Here “decent” signify ease of remembering a URL with use of meaningful words in URL.

  • For example original URL of a Youtube video is:
  • Using DecentURLyou can make it to:

Decent URL: WebsiteAboutTools

Now second URL does make sense in atleast reflecting the probable content of the video link, isn’t it? Very nice and innovating thinking behind this service.

In case you still want to use traditional URL snipping and shortening service, then check list of 10 such services here.



  1. Lol. This is pretty good, I was captivated ..
    People should start learning to make their urls nice.

  2. VofSpoulp says

    Was ist das?

  3. Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

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