Make XP program work on Windows Vista


You are really happy with new Windows Vista. But this happiness looses shine when your favourite program/application does not work/install in Windows Vista due to compatibility issues.

Well there is a work around to this issue, which can help you make a specific program compatibile with Windows Vista. This is possible using feature called Compatibility Mode in Windows Vista.

Here is what you need to do:

– Right click on the program (exe/install file) that is not installing.
– Click on properties option.
– Then click on Compatibility tab
– Click on Windows XP or previous version as the options you get
– Click on next and follow on screen instrcution.
So, above is the simple procedure to solve not so simple issue. I certainly love Windows Vista now!



  1. Thanks, worked for me. My omnipass couldn’t get it work. :P Now it can! Thanks

  2. i got the sims 2 it installs but does not operate properly with the graphics and speed of the game playing up

  3. sorry to say but it doesnt always work,i have atleast 2 progs that dont work with vista

  4. Cool work around

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