MS Scoop: 5 Misunderstood Windows Vista Features


Journey of Windows Vista has not been easy. Microsoft has already decided to pull plug on Windows XP and Windows Vista is future – like it or hate it. Besides pushing on this decision, Microsoft is also trying hard to explain – Vista is not EVIL.

Microsoft explains “…we will look at five features of Windows Vista that are often misunderstood, provide their background and rationale, and present the straight scoop on how to deal with them.”

“…based on feedback from IT Pros in the trenches, here are the ones that often cause confusion and slow Windows Vista adoption for many folks.”

  1. User Account Control
  2. Image Management
  3. Display Driver Model
  4. Windows Search
  5. 64 bit architecture

UAC pop-up for sure has become legend in its own. While their are ways to disable UAC, Microsoft explains its importance in protecting your family jewels. Then we have issues as a result of Windows Display Driver Model.

More complaints like Windows Vista Search is slow, are being addressed. To get full SCOOP on Vista’s misunderstood features [ download this PDF File ] from Microsoft explaining the same. [via WinSuperSite]

It is a good read with an attempt to explain practical Vista issues with solutions that may sound bit technical but well worth in over-coming those issues. Download and read – still think Vista has too many issues?


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