Mass Submit of Story to top sites in a Minute !


Want to improve visibility of your site, get more traffic? Best way is submitting links of your site to popular Social Bookmarking Sites. But, with number of sites at offer, this process may take longer!

Here is the killer solution to this time issue in submitting stories to various social bookmarking sites: Social Poster. Whole process is really easy, here it goes…

Visit the website Social Poster
– Enter the URL of the story you want to submit.
– Enter the tiltle of the story.
– Add brief description

– Tags for the nature of the story
– Then select any or all of 38 websites at offer.You can submit to following Social Bookmarking Sites using Social,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So, get going and submit some quality links from your site to number of Social Bookmarking sites in a fly, interesting!



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