MySpace Try to Find Space in India with…


“…MySpace is NOBODY in India”, this should hurt world’s most popular social networking site. MySpace is gearing up for India Specific offering to take on competitors. It for sure has big time challengers including Orkut, BigAdda, fropper, Facebook and many more.

So, how Myspace aims to capture Indian eyeballs? Well, this Rupert Murdoch venture is doing it by going local and Indian. It has entered into partnership with India’s biggest entertainment network Star for special content.

Starting off will be Channel [V]’s ‘CampusStar’ show on MySpace (see pic above). It is also planning to offer music through its partnerships with SaReGaMa.

Travis Katz, MD MySpace was quoted in Hindustan Times as “We will be providing the people India the tools they need to live their lives online”. “People India Tools”…?

They want to target Indian audience by offering India specific content. This can be only way for forward for creating little more SPACE in India. It will be hard for them to attract Netizens addicted to Orkut and BigAdda. MySpace India is coming, game for it?


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