Microsoft Videos: Latest Videos from Microsoft


Microsoft has launched ‘Microsoft Videos’ – a central location to view videos from Microsoft. You can browse and view videos by categories like home users, business users, how-to, security, gamers, mobile etc.

Besides viewing videos, you can share them by embedding on a website or blog, sharing them by email or digg. Please note, you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to able to play videos.

There are few very interesting videos in ‘Home Users’ and ‘How to’ categories. For example: “Want to get your math homework done faster?” A walk through of Microsoft Math application and how it can help you solve math problems.

Microsoft Videos is still in its early stages and mainly consist of U.S. content. Expect to see more variety of content in coming days. Most of the videos deal with information and how-to related to Microsoft products and related technology. After all its Microsoft Videos.


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