Check version of Silverlight installed on computer


Microsoft Silverlight is a technology platform package that can be installed on Windows computer to view Silverlight powered web content websites. Just like Adobe Flash, Silverlight websites have rich graphic and dynamic visual looks. “Do I have Microsoft Silverlight on PC?” “What is the version of Microsoft Silverlight installed on PC?”. You can easily get answer to such questions.

Check for Microsoft Silverlight on computer

Click here for quick check, if Silverlight is installed on the computer or not. If it is installed, you can see the version of Silverlight currently installed on PC. You will also get download link for latest version, if older version of Silverlight is detected on the computer. Also See – Microsoft Silverlight Wallpaper



  1. Basically the same thing, but this url might be easier to remember – just open to see what version you have installed.

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