Disable flash, silverlight & javascript in Firefox

Adobe Flash, Javascript, Microsoft Silverlight, Java are few technology platforms that provide support for dynamic content on the internet. Sometimes, these can cause issue and user may want to disable it temporarily. If you use Firefox as default browser, then you can easily disable or

Check version of Silverlight installed on computer

Microsoft Silverlight is a technology platform package that can be installed on Windows computer to view Silverlight powered web content websites. Just like Adobe Flash, Silverlight websites have rich graphic and dynamic visual looks. "Do I have Microsoft Silverlight on PC?" "What is the

Embed high resolution images in zoomable box widget with Seadragon

Seadragon from Microsoft LiveLabs is a cool web service to neatly display high resolution images. It creates a zoomable box or widget in which you can zoom in or out to see detailed look of any part of a high resolution image. You can even switch to full screen mode and enjoy viewing of

Microsoft Silverlight 3.0, download / upgrade to latest

Microsoft has released new version (3.0) of Silverlight. For starters, like we need Adobe Flash to watch animation and effect on flash powered websites. Silverlight is a similar platform for viewing interactive web content (like videos, animations, graphics) on websites created using

Download Microsoft Silverlight Desktop Wallpaper

Microsoft Silverlight has own official wallpaper now. Microsoft released an awesome desktop wallpaper for this product. I am sure you want to download it and grace your desktop, this beauty will be on my desktop atleast for a week. For starters, Microsoft Silverlight is a