Check version of Silverlight installed on computer

Microsoft Silverlight is a technology platform package that can be installed on Windows computer to view Silverlight powered web content websites. Just like Adobe Flash, Silverlight websites have rich graphic and dynamic visual looks. "Do I have Microsoft Silverlight on PC?" "What is the

Test website online in different browsers at Adobe Labs

Web designers are familiar with problems different web browsers cause to their web design creations. Internet Explorer 6 is most notorious for sending web design for a toss and breaking up the look of a website. Adobe Labs has launched online web service to check for website look in

How to check if website or blog has favicon ?

Favicon is a small icon displayed next to website URL on the address bar. A unique favicon can catch instant user attention and long-term familiarity with a specific website or blog. If you are not sure regarding,  if website or blog has a favicon - here is a quick check web service,

Check username / vanity URL on 120 social websites

KnowEm website makes it easy to check if a specific username or vanity URL is available on different social media websites or not. Just enter any username and hit the check username button. It will check for that specific username on top 120 popular social media websites and indicate the

Check city weather online, your flash forecast

We have already seen damn simple way to check - Is it going to rain today? If you need more details, head over to WeatherFlash website. It shows weather information for selected city in no frills, simple interface. Just type the name of the city in top search box and hit the enter

Check Weather damn simple way, Is it going to rain?

Ideally checking weather online will make you see lot of blue color, animated clouds and big temperature text figures splash all over the screen. There is more, one has to select the city, enter

Check blog/website look & design in different browsers

More and more people are using browser other than Internet Explorer. Firefox is the front runner in non-Microsoft browser. As a blogger or webmaster it is very important that your blog/site has consistent look in all browsers. Unfortunately, you have to put in some extra tags to achieve