How to dispose old mobile phone – Dump or recycle?


Mobile phones are everywhere, every other day a new mobile phone model is launched making many other models obsolete. With more people buying new mobile phones, what happens to old mobile phones?

Should we throw them in dustbin and let them rest at a garbage dump near your place. NO – like any other electronic device, mobile phones also pose threat to environment and should be disposed off sensibly. Nokia has launched ‘Take back’ campaign to educate users, the importance of recycling.

If you want to dispose off a old Nokia mobile phone, visit a nearest Nokia dealer or priority shop and hand over your old phone. However, before you do that make sure of the following:

  • Make sure you backup your contacts to some other phone or on PC.
  • Delete all your personal information.
  • Remove SIM and memory cards (if any).
  • You can keep battery and adapter (if working fine).

This will help in recycling of different component and help reduce ‘e-waste’. If you are in India and want to dispose off your old Nokia phone click here for more information. Here are related worldwide links for futher reading on process of recycling Motorola and Nokia mobile phones.



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