Restore missing Recycle Bin icon on Window 7 desktop

Has Recycle Bin icon gone missing from desktop screen on Windows 7 system? Recycle Bin is most used icon and is a must have for majority of PC users. You can easily restore missing recycle bin icon on the desktop screen in few simple clicks on Windows 7 operating system powered

How to move & pin Recycle bin to system tray?

Recycle Bin has always been part of the desktop. If you are too bored of it and want to perform some desktop cleaning - bump out the recycle bin to the system tray. Minibin is a small application that allows you to move and pin recycle bin to the system in few simple clicks. This

How to dispose old mobile phone – Dump or recycle?

Mobile phones are everywhere, every other day a new mobile phone model is launched making many other models obsolete. With more people buying new mobile phones, what happens to old mobile phones? Should we throw them in dustbin and let them rest at a garbage dump near your place. NO -