Backup & restore Nokia contacts, messages & settings

All the information on Nokia photo can be washed away while updating the phone software. Hence, it is very important to take backup of contacts, messages, settings and other data before initiating any software updates. You can easily take backup using Nokia PC suite software. Ideally,

Sync, merge Ovi Mail contacts & Ovi Contacts

Contacts management has gone easy with new Ovi Mail 2.0 update. Now you can access contacts as one merged contact list from Ovi Mail contacts and Ovi Contacts. It allows you to sync phonebook with Ovi Contacts and Ovi Mail enabling you to view, edit, delete or create your contacts from Ovi

Nokia Ovi 2.1 with Windows 7 support

The finnish mobile maker Nokia has recently launched the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite as a final and stable version. Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 comes with new features removing bugs and errors from the previous Beta versions. Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 has finally launched this release to

How to update Nokia mobile phone Software

Nokia phones are used by lot of people around the world and requires no introduction. Ideally, users go to Nokia Customer Care center to update software of their Nokia phone.  You can update Nokia phone software at the comfort of your home performing few simple steps as explained

Store & share custom dictionary words on Nokia phone

Do you habit of typing "What" as "wat" while composing text message on mobile phone? Majority of mobile users prefer to use short modified version of long words like wat (what), tc (take care). Default spell checker will mark these word incorrect and offer to correct with usual long

Connect Nokia phone to computer: PC Suite software

Are you looking for easy way to connect Nokia mobile phone to computer for easy transfer of photos, music and data? Nokia PC Suite software from Nokia makes this all easy. To get started, download the official software and install it on the computer. Then connect your Nokia phone to PC

Nokia Booklet 3G, first laptop from Nokia !

Nokia is a top brand for mobile phones of different types. It has now ventured into new line of business with unveiling of its first laptop "Nokia Booklet 3G". Nokia has released details and images of this cute portable beauty that promises to deliver solid performance. Features of

Free mobile themes & wallpapers for Nokia & Ericsson

Are you searching for free themes, wallpapers, software and games for your mobile phone? Well, if you have Nokia or Sony Ericsson mobile phone, then head over to LasyK website. It has huge collection of free mobile goodies for Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones. Homepage cleanly

How to dispose old mobile phone – Dump or recycle?

Mobile phones are everywhere, every other day a new mobile phone model is launched making many other models obsolete. With more people buying new mobile phones, what happens to old mobile phones? Should we throw them in dustbin and let them rest at a garbage dump near your place. NO -

Nokia Email Service, Managing emails made easy

If you own a Nokia phone, then 'Nokia Email Service' is worth a try for you. It automatically delivers email from your current (upto 6) email addresses to your Nokia mobile phone. You do not have to change the email addresses you already have. You can View, answer, forward, compose,

Nokia N96 will share iPhone India frenzy now

iPhone launch has been making techno enthusiasts crazy with its official India launch on Aug22. However, killer iphone's super killer price tag in India dampened the excitement for this beauty. Well, iPhone talk can take a break and as Nokia N96 gets ready to share limelight. Pre