How to open WMF graphic files


WMF stands from Windows Meta File. It is a file format used for graphics, clipart and line art graphical images. In a standard image pixel by pixel format is used to create an image, while in WMF series of commands are used to create an image. You can find WMF graphics files in clipart folder on the computer. There are number of ways to open WMF files.

1. Use Microsoft Paint to Open WMF files

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint to open Microsoft Paint application. Then goto File > Open, change selection to “all files” at bottom drop down box, select any WMF file and preview it within Microsoft Paint.

2. Free WMF viewer tool

Metafile Viewer is a free viewer tool to load and view both 16-bit Windows Metafiles (.wmf) and 32-bit Enhanced Metafiles (.emf). It allows viewing of multiple files with support for zoom, scaling, alignment and print. It only works on 32 bit system.

3. Other programs to open WMF files

There are number of other program applications that can be used to open and view WMF graphic files. It includes: Corel Draw, Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker.


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