View Internet History of all web browsers at one place

Lot of users install other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari in addition to existing pre-installed Internet Explorer web browser on Windows computer. Each web browser allows you to view and manage browsing history in their own interface. Ever wanted to view Internet browsing

Download MS Office converters & viewers

Microsoft Office suite has programs like Word, Access, PowerPoint that accept files of different formats and allow you to save content in various more formats. One can use MS Office converter and viewer programs to enhance and reduce limitations caused due to different file formats at

How to open .FB2 files on Windows

FB2 stands for FictionBook 2.0 File. It is an eBook format developed in Russia that uses XML to describe each element of the book. This format is specially designed for fictional literature. You can easily open and view .FB2 files using different ebook and file viewer software tools. FB2

Recover router Password from router configuration file

Have you lost your router login password key? Majority of routers create backup in the form of router configuration file. It contains important data like ISP user name/password, login password of the router and wireless network keys. You can easily recover lost router password from this

Open PowerPoint 2010 files without MS Office PowerPoint

Do you want to open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 files without Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 program on the computer? This is possible using free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft. Now you can download the latest version of PowerPoint viewer that support opening and previewing of Microsoft

Open Visio 2010 files with free Microsoft Visio viewer

Do you want to open and preview Microsoft Visio drawings, diagrams without installing Microsoft Vision 2010 software? You can easily do this for free by installing Microsoft Visio 2010 viewer program. This program allows you to view and distribute Visio drawings and diagrams even if

How to open WMF graphic files

WMF stands from Windows Meta File. It is a file format used for graphics, clipart and line art graphical images. In a standard image pixel by pixel format is used to create an image, while in WMF series of commands are used to create an image. You can find WMF graphics files in clipart

Open & delete Prefetch files (.pf) on Windows

Prefetch files are temporary files containing information about application programs, which helps in quicker loading of programs. Each time you open a program, an associated prefetch file is created. That file is used for quicker loading of program, next time you try to run it. You can

View doc, pdf in Chrome: Google Docs Viewer plugin

With official launch of Google Chrome extensions, lot of new plugins are emerging to enhance functionality of Chrome browser. We have already seen Zoho Companion for Chrome to open document and check Zoho email using Zoho online suite within Google Chrome. Now you do similar

Open & view DjVu files

DjVu file format is highly compressed format for scanned images, documents and digital content. It maintains the content clarity of text, images in a document and saves file in least possible size. We have already seen way to convert standard PDF document or JPEG images into DjVu format.

Open XML PAD files with portable viewer

PAD stands for Portable Application Description. This file format is used by application software developers to distribute information about their product. Developer makes PAD file of each software application and sends it to various websites for easy extraction and publication. PADview is

Open, view & edit Pascal files

Are you looking for simple viewer software to open and edit Pascal files? NCsoft Pascal editor is a free and small Pascal files viewer program. It supports opening of Pascal files with file extensions .pas, .pp, .dpr, .dpk and inc. You can make changes and save files by exporting to either