Open & view EML email files

EML extension is used for email files saved by various email clients, servers and application software. EmailOpenView is a free program to open and view contents of an (RFC-822) EML email file. It has easy to use interface. To get started, browse and select EML file from a folder using

Open Microsoft Project (.mpp) files in online viewer

Ideally one would require Microsoft Project software installed on the computer in order to open and view Microsoft Project (.mpp) files. We have already seen alternative free MOOS Project viewer software to open Microsoft Project files without the need of original Microsoft Project

Free portable Database Viewer to see mdb & udl data files

Need a simple program to quickly see data / contents of a database file? myOleDbExpress is a simple and quick program to view mdb and udl database files. It is a portable program and does not require install. Just goto to open menu, select open database file and see its contents. To

Open Microsoft Project files without MS Project installed on PC

Do you want to open Microsoft Project files without MS Project software installed on the computer? MOOS Project is a free viewer software to open and view any Microsoft Project files. You do not need to buy and install premium MS Project software if you only want to view Microsoft project

Edit EXIF, IPTC meta data of image files

Meta data of an image file provide basic information of photo like resolution, camera, image editing software used, orientation, file date time and much more. We have already seen tool to view EXIF information and tool to strip / remove EXIF image data. PhotoME is another useful tool for

Open & edit NIF files with NifSkope viewer

NIF stands for Net Immerse File Format. It is used for 3D models for state-save of game engine in action. NetImmerse (NIF) game engine is used in popular games like: Morrowind, DAoC, Freedom Force, Zoo Tycoon 2, Civ4 and Oblivion. NifSkope viewer is a free application to open, view, edit

Simple Comic Book viewer: Jibi

Are you looking for dead simple way to view comic book files? Jibi is a java based simple comics viewer (cbr/cbz) program. You can open any comic book file in this program and browse it with ease. Jump to first, next, previous or last page using navigational buttons. Related - 10

View & convert MRI, CT & ultrasound images

We have already seen DICOM viewer to easily preview medical images. ezDICOM is another portable viewer to see medical images like MRI, CT and ultrasound. It can read images of Analyze, DICOM, GE Genesis, Interfile, Siemens Magnetom, Siemens Somatom and NEMA formats. It also allows

Open DICOM medical images with DICOM viewer

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in medicine. It is a file format for images in medical field like that of CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound. It is a standard format for exchanging medical imaging data. A DICOM image contains header with patient name, image dimensions, type of

Simple OpenGL viewer tool

For starters: OpenGL stands for Open Graphics Library. It is a standard specification for writing applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics. It is used in designs as in CAD, virtual reality, scientific visualization, information visualization and flight

Google Docs Viewer to show PDF, Powerpoint files on webpages

Google has finally made Google Docs Viewer feature official at We could use this feature previously by manual code generation and manipulation. Now we can generate code to embed PDF, Powerpoint shows automatically using web based interface available at Google

Open & edit MDB, XLS database files with AxBase viewer

Do you want to work with MDB files without Access application on the PC? Well, AxBase free viewer application makes this all easy to open and edit database files. It allows you to view and edit contents of MDB and XLS database files. You can see details of each table with field