See List of AutoStart programs at Windows start

During Windows start, number of programs autostart or autoload. Most of these programs are invisible and run in the background. Portable utility ASViewer allows you to see list of these autostart programs. You can easily check what programs are running and verify if they are safe for your

Open CSV files with portable CSV Viewer

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a popular text-based tabular file format. If you deal with lot of CSV files on daily basis, how about carrying portable CSV Viewer in your USB drive? CSView is a light weight and free portable CSV viewer that neatly display contents of any CSV

Embed PDF & PowerPoint presentation files on blog, website

Do you want to embed and display a PDF or PowerPoint file? Here is dead simple way to do so without having to install any software, plugin or hack using Google Document Viewer. Just add few lines of code containing URL of your PDF or presentation file to embed and display file content is a

Open & view XPS files with free XPS viewer

XPS is XML Paper Specification which is used in Windows Printing machine. In more simple terms, XPS is a file format of documents which can be viewed and printed on Windows based computer. XPS is pre-installed on Windows Vista but Windows XP users need special software XPS viewer to open

Free font viewer to install, remove & find duplicate fonts

Nexus Font is a free font viewer to manage fonts installed on the computer using neat interface. It allows you to preview all fonts installed on the PC. You can customize preview text or numbers along with font size, color and style. Just right click on any font preview in the application

See image EXIF tags data with free Photo Viewer software

EXIF tags data provide valuable information about specific photo on the computer. It provide details of different aspects of an image like aperture, shutter speed, ISO value, camera model, focal length, time and date and flash settings. "Free Photo Viewer" is a free and lightweight

Open AFP print files with free AFP viewer

AFP viewer is a free, standalone utility to work with AFP print files. It allows you to open AFP print files and navigate through various pages. It supports copying of text, copying of image areas and searching for text. It also allows you to extract pages to PDF, TIF, XML, JPG, BMP, PNG,

Open & view .3dr, .pcr files [3DMark & PCMark free reader]

Are you trying to open not so commong .3dr or .pcr files on the computer? Free utility "Mark Reader" can come handy to open / view contents of .3dr or .pcr files. It is an easy way to view saved 3DMark result (.3dr extension) and PCMark result (.pcr extension) without having to go online

View & edit XML files with Free XML viewer software

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a structured way to share summary content in a compact organized manner. More practical use of XML is in the form of sitemap XML files of a blog or website. You can create sitemap XML file of your website or blog and submit it to search engines. XML file

Upload & view doc, docx, ppt, pdf documents online

We deal with different format of documents on daily basis. In case you are looking for universal web based alternative to open / view any type of document that does not require application install, checkout "View Docs Online". Just upload any file from the computer or provide URL and view

Analyse hard drive space in real time [Portable app]

It is very important to know which software, application, folders and files are taking up space on your hard drive. Ideally one can access that information in Windows explorer in very user unfriendly and boring manner. Make this more interesting and real time with Space

View all icons in Windows with free icon viewer

Are you looking to change icon of a folder or application on your computer? No need to download any special icons as your computer already have lot of icons. IconView free utility allows you to view all the icons on the computer. Related - Create Icons from Favorites Images with