Open & view .3dr, .pcr files [3DMark & PCMark free reader]


Are you trying to open not so commong .3dr or .pcr files on the computer? Free utility “Mark Reader” can come handy to open / view contents of .3dr or .pcr files. It is an easy way to view saved 3DMark result (.3dr extension) and PCMark result (.pcr extension) without having to go online and “Submit Saved Result” to the FutureMark ORB page.


Features of Mark Reader

1. Open, view, print, and export PCMark result files (.pcr)
2. Open, view, print, and export 3DMark result files (.3dr)
3. Option to integrate .3dr and .pcr with Windows Explorer
4. This uitlity is Portable, hence no need to install.

Download Mark Reader portable utility to Open & view .3dr or .pcr files.



  1. to view 3dr files

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