How to pause & stop app downloading on iPad


We can download variety of apps (applications) on Apple iPad for added functionality and features. Sometimes we need to free up internet bandwidth to preform important task while an application is being downloaded in the background. In such case, you can pause app downloading for sometime and use available internet bandwidth for more important work at given moment. Once you have completed the work, you can resume app downloading from pause state and allow download to complete.

Pause app downloading on iPad for sometime

1. While on the Home screen, flip from right to left to access screen with listing of applications already downloaded and downloading.

2. To pause downloading of specific application on iPad, just tap on the icon of the application. This will pause and stop downloading of that application on your iPad.

3. To resume downloading of application on iPad, tap the application icon again. Downloading will resume from previously paused state and continue till it is completed.

Sometimes your paused application is stuck and downloading may not resume. In this case you can connect iPad to itunes on computer or MAC, sync it and then attempt to resume download.

How to stop or abort app downloading on iPad

Once you have started app downloading and application is put in download queue – you cannot stop or abort that application download. Best way is to allow application download to complete and then delete application from iPad device.


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