Portable audio converter for FLAC, MP3, WAV & OGG file formats


FlicFlac is a free audio Converter with dead simple, easy to use interface. You can use it to covert WAV, FLAC, MP3 and OGG files to any other format. Just download, unzip and launch the utility (no install required). To use, click button (like to FLAC) to select output audio format. Then drag and drop audio file on the application window.


Audio file will be converted to selected format and saved in the same folder. Make sure to uncheck “delete input file” option to prevent over-writing / deletion of original audio file. Right click on application window to see more options like: mp3 presets, shell integration etc. Download FlicFlac audio converter [weblink], carry it anywhere and convert audio format anytime!



  1. victor rdz says

    i search a program easy to use and support flac

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