Post to Multiple Blogs without going into any !


  • Want to publish blog post without opening your blog panel?
  • Want to post same article on multiple blogs without going into any?
  • Want to do all this within your web browser with any bells & whistles?

3 questions and one answer YES! All of the above is possible using web service “WritetoMyBlog”. It is a free web based word processor for your Blog. Create post entries for your blog completely free, no membership required (told you no bells and whistles!).

Besides, you can post to multiple Blogs simultaneously, manage your Posts, works with all major blog programs. So, after you create blog post (and tags) using web based editor, click on publish button.

You will get a new window to chose your blogging platform and login details. It supports blogger(new & old),, wordpress self hosted, TypePad, Moveable Type and Dotclear.

Enter login details for blogs you want to publish posts and click on publish button. Before the publish you will also get option to add or edit categories for the blog post.

WriteToMyBlog looks very neat and works like charm for quick posting without extra clutter. Test drive it for new way of posting. Thanks Victor



  1. Common people, this kind of “web apps” arent near a good thing!

    You have to write your login and passwords of the blogs you want to post.. and you feel confidence?

    I mean, Im a software designer, and this just sounds silly, you should never give your account info to anybody! (not even a different website that the one you use for blogging (the blog platform I mean).

    So.. all to all, even those apps you download to post to blogs could be hijacked so it sends aswell your login info to the developers.

    Dont Trust this thing!

  2. ONe more site I found is really wonderful.

  3. I use to post to multiple blogs.

    Another cool feature of is that you can email a blog post to an address they provide. The email will automatically be scanned and the content of the email will be published to the blogs.

    See post to blog via email for more information.

    • Yay spam!
      hmmmm. think we ought to tell Itpatil that blog comments are “nofollow”? :-)

      @post-author. good stuff. thank you for this info, I was looking for a way to post to all of my blogs from one place.
      I just wish that writetomyblog had a feature to create a permanent account. looks like it stores your session in the browser but that means that when I am on another computer or if I clear the browser history, etc. I will have to re-enter all the settings… :-(

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