Receive RSS updates in IM real time, quick & cool


As always, RSS is a super quick way to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. Receiving RSS updates via email and RSS readers have been two popular ways to consume RSS feed content.

Here is another way to stay updated via RSS feed within your instant messenger. IMFeeds allows you to receive RSS feed updates in your IM. This does not require additional software and supports all the major IM networks (AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk).

After you sign up for a free account, add their bot (IM Feeds buddy) to your IM account. Check your subscription for various RSS feeds and start receive updates real time in your IM.

Besides being FREE, it is very simple to use without bells and whistles. IMFeeds is a good option for IM addicts wanting to stay connected with updates from their favorite websites in real time.


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