Store & Share Photos, songs & videos at one Place


There are so many website to share videos, pictures and songs. However, with number of options you favorite stuff tends to get de-centralized and it gets difficult to keep tab on your like-able stuff.

Wixi aim to address to this issue and offer a community where you can store and share your photos, songs and videos at one place.

Procedure, After you create an account, upload files from your computer or from the web. To access these file no software download is required. Login in to wixi account and files are ready to play, simple!

Sharing, You can share your stuff by adding new friends on wixi and sending alerts about new content that you have added in your account.

Pricing, Wixi offer FREE account with 3GB of space. You can get more space by subscribing to a premium account that are ad-free with unlimited Storage space.

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Seems like they are attempting to make a community to share all kinds of media. This is relatively new service and still in beta. You can surely give it a try by uploading some cool stuff from your computer. Overall the website interface is pleasing with usual web 2.0 look.


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