Wow, Now Upload 1000 Photos in your Orkut Account


Orkut, this 4 years old baby keeps getting better and better. Orkut has bumped off 100 photo limit and added another zero to it.

Yeah, now you can upload 1000 photos in your Orkut Account. Besides, upload procedure for uploading photos while using Internet Explorer is now faster.

As explained by Orkut Blog – If you are on orkut with Internet Explorer, click on the link for “New! Upload multiple photos” on your albums page. It takes you through an instructions page for installing the application needed to upload multiple photos at once.

Once you have completed the installation, simply click “add photos” and select multiple photos at once to upload to your selected album.

Now you can share more candid moments by uploading more photos to your Orkut account. Orkut Trivia– Do you know which US State contribute 20% of US Orkuters? Click here for the answer. Happy Orkutting!


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