2 Ways to Open FireFox Search Results in a New Tab


This tip is strictly for FireFox users wanting to make their search experience better. By default when you search in FireFox, results page appear in an existing tab. You may lose some important information already being viewed in that tab window.

To avoid such situation, you can configure FireFox Search Results to appear in a new tab. There are two ways to configure this:

First, Configure Settings – In case you want search results page to open in new tab by default, then you need to configure FireFox settings. Here is the simple procedure.

  • Type about:config in the address bar.
  • Then type browser.search.open in Filter box.
  • Double click on browser.search.openintab to change value to true.

From now on all the search result pages will appear in new tab. You can turn this feature OFF by double clicking again on browser.search.openintab and changing value to False.  

Second, Scroll Wheel Button Click – Type the search term and just use your Scroll Wheel Button to click on search button. Alternatively, type the search term and press Alt & Enter keys – this will also open search results in new tab. Happy searching in FireFox!



  1. This is great, didn’t now this, but i would be cool if you posted a tutorial ( how to open form ( html ) with javascript in new window ) :)

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