Add captions to twist any video the way you want


Just watched a video and felt something more can be done with this? To fill this hollow feeling you can use bubblePLY. A free online service to add funny captions, overlay images and much more real quick to any online video.

In more practical terms, twist or remixvideos the way you want. For example – above screenshot is from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bubbled up body building cum political brickbats video- some interesting captions and overlay images has been added to make video more interesting.

Even you can add bubbles to your favorite videos with great ease. Simply grab the web address or URL of the video and click on next button. BubblePLY supports number of popular video sites like Youtube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, Google Videos and more.

Original video will start playing and you can add bubbles at any point in the video. You will get number of options in terms of different bubble shapes and other media. After you are done with bubbling up, you will get links to embed or view bubbled up video.

BubblePLY: Add a bubble to videoToolsSample Videos

No registration is required, however you can register for more tracking features. Website also has interesting collection of bubbled up video like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger Video. It’s time to play with videos now!



  1. That’s neat! There’s been times when I’ve watched a video and have thought “man, this guy should really be saying this right now. He looks like he’d be saying that in his head!” Nice way to put in your own 2 cents and share it with others. Right to the point!

    Lately, I’ve been using Kyte to express my thoughts! Whether it has to do with videos, my own life or things in the media, it’s a great tool to show these things. You create a channel of your own [or multiple channels!] and produce shows on that channel [just like regular tv!]. Tools like web video, video player, audio, text, links and slideshow allow the user to create a unique show every time. And these tools can be used all in one show too; great way to get creative. In addition, there’s a cell phone application that can be installed on your phone and give you the ability to create shows on-the-go [but you have to check out the cell phone listing on the site to see if yours is compatible!].

    For anyone who wants to express their opinions about found video and their own content, I’d recommend Kyte! And you know what, after you produce a show, your friends and other viewers can instantly view your show and chat on the channel [just like instant messenger].

    I’d suggest checking it out! :)

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