Add Wikipedia Search to your Site or Blog


Now you can easily add a search box that only search within Wikipedia pages and those sites which are referenced within Wikipedia. This can be easily done using Wikiseek Search.

Wikiseek utilizes a category refinement technology, providing suggested search refinements based on user tagging and categorization within Wikipedia, making results more relevant than conventional search engines.

The basic search on is really good, you don’t even have to click on search button for search result, because there is no such button and everything is automated. Simply type the query and results are displayed by itself.

Coming to embedding of this search on your site or blog, options available are in the format of (468 x 60), (120 x 600) and a customizable option.

WikiSeek: WebsiteAdd to your website – about

So, all those Wikipedia fans out there, here is an alternative to make your site more resourceful with vast information on Wikipedia pages!



  1. After google, this is the best site i know..really good job guys

  2. gamoxbpzha says

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!

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